Motorcycle Accidents Law: What To know & Steps To Take

Does Motorcycle Accident Law Resemble Car Accident Law?

With the various steps involved when investigating motorcycle accidents, it is right to imagine whether the attorney who investigates it is the same as that of automobile accident. It is mandatory for motorcycle operators to have a driving license in order to be granted the same legal benefits as a motorist. Yet it’s interesting that the same law and even the very procedure used when investigating automobile accident is used during a motorbike accident.

Why Choose an Attorney to Investigate

Well, in the event of a motorbike accident, having an attorney is far much better than even having a relative or a cop. The lawyer will advise on the medical attention and perhaps which medical facility is worth visiting. And as you seek the right medication, the attorney will be investigating the accident and working on the nitty-gritty of the accident.

You attorney will file temporary restraining orders, preserve evidence, contact witnesses and gather everything needed to build a tight case. Ideally, your personal injury attorney will serve as your best bet when justifying your innocence. And so, it should be someone who is seasoned in the art and knows the ins and outs of a judicial system as well as expert witnesses like bio-mechanical engineers, forensic consultants, accident re-constructionist and other vital individuals.

Eventually when all’s done and you’ve stabilized, your attorney then work on your health reports, gathering every report and the bills. While at it, the lawyer will evaluate all the damages as a result of the accident, including the wages and earnings lost. The attorney will then get in touch with the insurance company with respect to the accident, injuries, and damages suffered.

What Should I Do If I was injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t be worried about what to do relax and contact an experienced motorcycled Attorney to obtain and protect your rights. But first, calm down and approach the experience logically.

You have to follow some steps after a motorcycle accident. Some of them include:

  • Immediately after the accident, remain from the scene. Don’t vacate the area, even when it’s a minor accident or when it’s late at night.
  • Make the accident visible – whether it’s an unexpected disruption of traffic or wailing enough to attract attention, do it. Just do anything that would make you appear visible.
  • Gather information- gathering important information to help protect your legal rights and compensated for your damage.
  • Call your attorney – don’t even waste more time seeking sympathy from anyone. Instead, contact your lawyer immediately. An experienced car crash attorney is a safe bet.
  • Call the police – for any motorcycle accident, contact emergency number immediately after a crash. Calling nearby police station will be added advantage if the injuries are not more severe.
  • Take photos and record the facts – take photographs to help you during an investigation and with dealing with insurance. Take note of vital factors about the area and whoever was responsible without any speculations.
  • Call your insurance agent- call them and give them your gathered information and do not admit fault to anyone.

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